A Dance Competition Where Children Come First!!!

Our entire staff understands all the time studio owners and teachers invest in training their dancers for competition. That's why when you compete at Sophisticated Productions Dance Competitions you can be confident this is a dance competition where the children come first. Your dancers can compete in a wide variety of age levels and classifications and be judged in a positive, professional manner to help improve their dance ability and self esteem. Our judges are both qualified and professional.

In addition, Sophisticated Productions offers you a wonderful dance competition experience that is professionally organized, on time and fun. Our appropriate facilities, educational focus and positive, energetic staff help create an environment of sportsmanship and respect. Our goal is to create a greater appreciation of the “Art of Dance”. We look forward to welcoming all of you to Sophisticated Productions.

Rules & Regulations Tour Dates


  • Solo
  • Duet / Trio
  • Small Group (4 - 8 dancers)
  • Large Group (9 - 16 dancers)
  • Line / Production (17+ dancers)

Time Limits

  • Solo, Duet / Trio up to 3mins
  • Small & Large Group up to 4mins min
  • Line & Production up to 8min

Overall Age Divisions

  • 4 - 8 years old
  • 9 - 12 years old
  • 13 - 15 years old
  • 16 - 24 years old

Entry Fees

Studio Owners & Directors please call (413) 569-4030 or contact us.

Age Divisions

4 - 6
7 - 8

9 - 10
11 - 12

13 - 15
16 - 18

19 - 24
25 & Up

The average age will determine the age group for Duet / Trio, Groups and Line / Production. Dance competitors will be responsible for proof of age, if necessary. Age for dancers is as of January 1st, 2024.


JUDICATED - Judges will score each competitor on five different categories:
Choreography - 25 Points
Technique - 25 Points
Difficulty - 20 Points
Stage Presence / Personality - 20 Points
Costume, Hair & Makeup - 10 Points

Gold - 255-267
Platinum - 280-292

Sophisticated Gold - 268-279
Sophisticated Platinum - 293-300


Novice - First year competing (Novice level will not be eligible for High Scores)
Jr. Competitive - Four hours or less per week of dance class.
Sr. Competitive - Five hours or more per week of dance class.
Shining Star - Division is specially designed for dancers with special needs or disabilities who share the love of dance.
Pre-Pro - Competitors who perform with a teacher, or a professional dancer.
Professional - Dancers who make a salary, teachers or a professional dancer.

A teacher is age 20 years and older, who choreographs and/or instructs dance classes.


Overall Title Divisions

All overall high scores for Solos, Duo/Trio, Sm/Lg Groups and Line/ Production entries for both Jr. Competitive and Sr. Competitive in 4-8 years old, 9-12 years old, 13-15 years old and 16 & up will receive the overall title for that regional/national dance competition, a large Trophy and Cash Award. In addition Overall Solo Titlist will receive a Beautiful Crown and Sophisticated Productions Regional Winner Jacket.

There must be a minimum of 10 entries in each Jr. and Sr. Competitive overall division Solo, Duo/Trio, Sm./Lg. Group entry for cash award to be awarded. Less than 10 entries a gift certificate will be awarded that may be used towards Nationals 2023 or a Regional event in 2024. For all Line/ Production entries there must be a minimum of 5 entries for cash awards, less than 5 a gift Certificate will be awarded.

In each Jr. Competitive and Sr. Competitive for Overall division Solo, Duo/ Trio, Sm./Lg. Group the top 10 will be announced and will receive a beautiful medallion.

Overall Regional Cash Awards

Jr. Competitive

Solo - $75.00
Duo/Trio - $75.00
Sm/Lg Group - $125.00
Line/Production - $125.00

Sr. Competitive
Solo - $75.00
Duo/Trio - $75.00
Sm/Lg Group - $125.00
Line/Production - $125.00

Overall National Cash Awards

Jr. Competitive

Solo - $250.00
Duo/Trio - $250.00
Sm/Lg Group - $600.00
Line/Production - $600.00

Sr. Competitive
Solo - $250.00
Duo/Trio - $250.00
Sm/Lg Group - $600.00
Line/Production - $600.00

Melissa Tessier

Melissa R. Tessier

Owner & Director of Sophisticated Productions

  (413) 569-4030

When I first started Sophisticated Productions my main focus was to provide all my clients with a high quality dance competition and help educate all dancers in “The Art Of Dance”. With that in mind I strive to make sure every dance competition is professionally organized, runs on time, provides professional qualified judges and educates all dancers in positive, fun and most importantly, a friendly environment. I truly believe this is what has made Sophisticated Productions so successful over the years. I know all studio owners have many options for selecting dance competitions and I thank you for making Sophisticated Productions part of your studio’s dance experience. I am so grateful to all of my loyal clients over the years and to the many new clients joining us every year. I look forward to sharing many new, fun and exciting opportunities with all of you. “

— Melissa R. Tessier